Monday, December 15, 2008

adventure build-up

I am not an adventurous person. I do not possess an intrepid spirit. Anyone who knows me even a little can tell you I'm not particularly daring. I am risk-averse and timid. My idea of being rebellious is throwing a glass bottle in the garbage instead of recycling it. Seriously.

I remember all the great books and movies from my childhood seemed to preach the intense benefit of travel and a great adventure. I remember feeling that all humans were supposed to seek out adventure, to really crave it. I guess I bought into that idea and always felt a gnawing pressure to do something bold in life, something risky – but I could never bring myself to break away from the norm.

In regard to taking the giant leap and moving to Thailand for a while, my best friend (who is always honest in that best-friend sort of way) said, "This is you we're talking about, remember?"

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Bird Bath said...

yes, I like my comfort zone too. hooray to you for moving out of yours :)